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Plastic Woven Bag Manufacturer

Selamat datang di tasanyaman.com. Kami memproduksi berbagai macam jenis tas anyaman premium terlengkap. Kerajinan tas anyaman dibuat oleh tenaga kerja yang profesional serta berpengalaman hingga puluhan tahun.

Kini kami hadir menyediakan berbagai macam jenis tas anyaman. Buat Anda yang sedang mencari Pengrajin, Produsen, Supplier,  Distributor maupun pusat kerajinan tas anyaman Anda bisa memesan ditempat kami :  

Woven bags are usually made from plastic that has been woven together. This gives the plastic strength. Usually, individual threads are joined to make one piece of material, it’s handmade

it’s 100% handmade

Why Choose Tas Anyaman

Tas anyaman yang kami produksi tentunya memiliki keunggulan yang luar biasa serta kualitas terbaik.

No matter how many bags you own, you cannot deny the allure of a handmade one. A bag that is made with care and attention to detail, is a bag worth cherishing. Brand: woven bag is that kind of bag. Weaving skills have been passed down through generations in some parts of the world, and it makes for some truly beautiful hand-woven products. Every stitch is carefully measured, every thread weighted by hand to give them strength and durability. And then they’re dried by sun or fire before being sewn together into a single piece.

Awet Tahan Lama


Tahan air, tahan lama dan unik serta menambah daya jual dan memberikan daya tarik bagi wisatawan

Ringan Kuat & Elastis


Tas anyaman ini memiliki keunggulan salah satunya adalah kuat & elastis. Ringan ketika dikenakan

Tampil Keren & Kece


Dengan beberapa ukuran, desain dan varian warna anda dapat memilih sesuai keinginan dan selera Anda.

Fewer materials means lower production costs which mean our prices are more affordable than ever! So go ahead and make yourself a brand new weave bag today! Are you a fashion freak? If yes, then perhaps you have heard about the term ‘woven bag.’ Woven bags are gaining popularity these days. We know why! They not only look stylish but also give you a lot of space to keep your stuff. We want to make sure that you get this style bag in every color so visit us and pick from our varied selection of woven bags today!

Whether you’re going to the gym, on a trip, or simply running errands around town, no matter what you’re up to, you’ll always have your hands free when wearing this woven bag. Made from rugged and durable material, this bag is perfect for holding all your essential items while keeping them organized and easy to access. With a convenient front pocket for storing your phone or other small essentials and a detachable wrist strap so that you can wear it comfortably wherever you go, this bag will become one of your most-used essentials in no time!

Why wait? Get yourself one today!

With over a decade in the business, we know what it takes to build a brand. That’s why, we’ve been continuously offering bags of highest quality that lasts for years without any wear and tear. Our bags are durable and reliable, which makes them perfect for storing all your treasured belongings. Featuring a classy design and high-quality material, our bags will make you look stylish as you walk around town with pride!

Towards the end of this year, we’re launching another special edition bag that you must grab before it’s too late!

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